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Mark Hathaway

Mark Hathaway at the Toronto Book Launch event

Mark Hathaway at the Toronto Book Launch Event

Mark Hathaway is an author and adult educator who researches, writes, and speaks about the interconnections between ecology, economics, social justice, spirituality, and cosmology.

Together with Leonardo Boff, he is the author of The Tao of Liberation: Exploring the Ecology of Transformation published by Orbis in late October 2009.

Mark is available for speaking engagements, workshops, and retreats focused on creative approaches to transformative action based on eco-spirituality.

Mark has extensive experience in ecumenical justice work and has studied mathematics, physics, spirituality, and transformative education. He holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education from The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto) and has published a wide variety of articles related to ecology, spirituality, and social justice in books and periodicals. He is currently studying a PhD at the University of Toronto where he researches, writes, and teaches about cosmologies, worldviews, and adult transformative learning.

Mark is fluent in Spanish and worked for many years in Peru and has extensive experience working in Latin America. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife, Maritza, and daughter, Jamila.

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Leonardo Boff

Leonardo Boff is Brazil’s best-know theologian, author of more than sixty books on liberation theology, ecology, and spirituality including Ecology and Liberation and Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor. In 2001 he received the prestigious Right Livelihood Award.

Leonardo is also a member of the Earth Charter Commission. He currently lives in Petropolis, Brazil.

Read a profile of Leonardo Boff on the Spirituality & Practice website, where he is a featured Living Spiritual Teacher.

Leonardo on The Tao of Liberation

Leonardo Boff

Leonardo Boff

The Tao of Liberation has been published at an opportune moment in the history of humanity, a moment in which great decisions with global importance are being made – especially with respect to global warming and to the destiny of the great majority of humanity who are poor. It is the poor who are least culpable for the current situation we find ourselves in, but it is they who will unjustly suffer the most. This is truly a crisis of human civilisation, a crisis at the root of all the other crises.

Our intention in this book is to offer materials gathered from many different sources of wisdom that can inspire a new road of hope filled with a deep sense of life. In the book, we do not present a situation of tragedy which will necessarily end badly, but rather a time of crisis with the potential to purify us, make us grow, and mature. We believe that spirituality cannot be seen as something optional at this moment in our history, but rather it is a necessity in the new paradigm of civilisation – of living, creating, and consuming on a small, limited planet which is the Earth, our common Home.

We have dialogued with different spiritual traditions from the East and from the West seeking Wisdom for our current time. We firmly believe that the loving Energy that interpenetrates the entire universe and which sustains each being and each one of us will inspire us with visions, values, attitudes, and practices which begin the process of global transformation and liberation. Our book attempts to open a space in which we may welcome this Energy which truly can save us and make us actors in a new and necessary world.



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