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First Prize for Faith and Science Award

The Catholic Press Association has awarded The Tao of Liberation first place in their new book award category, Faith and Science noting that the "book is at once transformational and comprehensive in its presentation" and that it has "the potential to be accepted as an essential reference."

The Tao of Liberation wins Nautilus Gold Medal

The Tao of Liberation has won the 2010 Nautilus book award in the category of Cosmology and New Science. Find out more here.

An Interview with Mark Hathaway

In late May, Tikkun Magazine interviewed Mark Hathaway. Hear reflections on the book and phone-in questions from listeners here.

"Spirituality in a Time of Crisis" in Tikkun Magazine

The May/June issue of Tikkun Magazine features an article by Mark Hathaway based on material from The Tao of Liberation. See "Spirituality in a Time of Crisis" here. Or, read a longer overview article including much of what is in the Tikkun version here.

Read the May 2010 Newletter

For a quick summary of the lattest book news, see the May 2010 newsletter here. If you'd like to subscribe to the newsletter, just send an e-mail with the word "subscribe" in the subject line to eletter[at] (replacing "[at]" with "@").


Today we may be standing at the most important crossroads in the history of humanity, and indeed of the Earth itself. Deepening poverty and accelerating ecological degradation challenge us to act with insight and maturity: How can we move toward a future where meaning, hope, and beauty can truly flourish?

The Tao of Liberation is a search for this path, the wisdom needed to effect profound transformations in our world. Hathaway and Boff describe this wisdom using the ancient Chinese word Tao, meaning a way or path leading to harmony, peace, and right relationship. The Tao can also be understood as the wisdom that lies at the very heart of the flowing structure of the universe, encapsulating the essence of its purpose.

The book begins by asking: How does transformation occur?—Or, perhaps more precisely, Why is it so difficult to effect the changes so urgently needed to save the living Earth community? It then embarks on a journey of exploration through such diverse fields as economics, psychology, cosmology, and spirituality in search for the wisdom – or Tao – needed to move away from our current destructive path and instead toward authentic liberation: A way leading to ever-greater communion, diversity, and creativity.




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